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=> 6-month internship starting as soon as possible.

Capital is always neutral, it cannot tell good from bad, but investors owning the capital must have principles. As a leading insurance investor, Allianz considers sustainable investment as one of its main principles : we integrate ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors across asset classes and along investment lifecycle.

The sustainable investment team within the ESG, innovation and governance department drives the sustainability agenda of Allianz France, contributes to the ESG activities of Allianz Group, integrates climate, environmental, social and governance considerations in daily investment activities, works with in-house ESG experts and external research organizations to develop and apply ESG metrics to both existing portfolios and new investment opportunities, manages the communication and engagement programs with different stakeholders, and leads the non-financial reporting and ESG products’ development processes.

As an intern (M/F) in the sustainable investment team you will primarily work on ESG research and communication topics.

Research and Development:
· Assessment of investment opportunities from an ESG perspective;
· Contribution to the implementation of ESG integration into investment decisions;
· Development of ESG-climate related metrics;
· Participation in the empirical study on the relationship between selected ESG factors and financial performance;
. Support to issuer and asset manager engagement work streams;
. Support the advancement of Allianz France impact investing strategy.

· Assistance with internal publication on ESG insights;
· Preparation of documents on external communication (with media, NGOs…).

. You are currently working towards a university degree (master, PhD) in finance, management, sustainability, economics, business administration, political sciences, environmental sciences, environmental engineering and/or any other related field, preferably a multidisciplinary academic background.
. Previous knowledge and/or a strong interest in climate-related topics (e.g. climate disclosure, sustainable finance regulation, climate-aligned portfolio strategy, etc.). Ideally you have already gained first practical experience in the fields of climate change, sustainability, project management, investment, insurance, consulting and/or communications.
. Fluent in English with an advanced level of French. Other languages would be a plus.
. Strong ability to think and act independently and to quickly adapt to new problem settings and situations.
. Proactive, flexible and energetic team players with a strong personal interest in sustainability issues, environmental problems and societal concerns.
. Attention to detail and organizational skills with the ability to drive several projects at once.
. Strong proficiency in Microsoft Office applications (PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Outlook).
-> Additional skillsets can be an asset:
. Strong data management and analytical skills.
. Ability to write articles aimed at highlighting the work done by the department.

Please send your CV with your start date and duration, plus an essay (answer to ONE of the following two questions, in less than 1 page)

1) Imagine you are an environmental journalist, after reading the section carbon footprinting of Allianz France sustainable investment report (page 25 – 28),
what are the three main conclusions you would come up with; and what are the three questions you would like to ask? (please explain the reasoning behind your questions).

2) As a sustainable investment analyst of Allianz France, you are asked to provide the main 3 ESG challenges (environmental or social) of the construction of a wind farm project in Mexico. Please justify each of the 3 ESG challenges you have identified. If possible, briefly identify how you would assess the benefits of the project (in the form of measurable KPIs).

Internship located in Paris La Défense, Tour Allianz One (M° Esplanade de La Défense).