Publication Launch “Climate Risk in Finance”


Climate change is set to deeply impact economies and societies. It is increasingly considered as a systemic risk for financial stability on a global scale. Facing the magnitude of the challenges, financial players must innovate to effectively incorporate climate risk into their decision-making processes. They need tools fit to the issues, able to express the financial materiality of climate risk over the long-term and to identify the opportunities linked to the ecological transition. These tools are essential to enable a shift of capital flows towards sustainable investments.
Led by the actors of the Paris financial center within Finance for Tomorrow, the publication “Climate Risk in Finance – Concepts, tools and methodologies”, aims to provide common understanding to promote the development of performing tools and encourage their use.

Join us on Monday 9th to discover the publication and discuss with French experts of the topic!

14h00 : welcome coffee
14h15 : opening by Pierre Ducret, Chair of Finance for Tomorrow
14h20 : introduction by Alain Grandjean, CEO & Co-founder of Carbone 4 & Sylvain Vanston, Sustainable Business Officer of Axa Group
14h30 : Discussion 1 – Market dynamics: how to strengthen and harmonize regulation and climate risk analysis ?
Led by by Alain Grandjean, Carbone 4

Charlotte Gardes, Ministry of Economy and Finance
Laurent Clerc, ACPR
Michel Cardona, I4CE

15h15 : Discussion 2 – Strategic vision: how to leverage Investor-Corporate Dialogue in the face of climate risk ?
Led by Sylvain Vanston, Axa

Romain Poivet, ADEME *
Christine Fedigan, Engie
Marie-Pierre Peillon, Groupama AM *

16h00 : conclusion by Pierre Ducret, Chair of Finance for Tomorrow

*To be confirmed