Climate Finance Day 2020

Sustainable finance: How to reboot the European real economy?


While the world economy is experiencing an unprecedent challenging situation, the Green New Deal, if appropriately designed and funded, could be the post-crisis rebooting plan driving the European economy towards a low-carbon and resilient pattern.
Spearheading financial innovations for the green transition, the European financial industry should mobilize to support the implementation of the Green Deal and serve the needs of the real economy.

The 6th Climate Finance Day will be fully dedicated to these issues with the theme “Sustainable finance : how to reboot the European real economy?”

This year’s edition  will focus on the EU policies as well as  local issues. It will also showcase  public and private financial mechanisms and tools available or to be designed in order to meet the needs  of the different sectors of the European economy.

We are closely monitoring developments related to the COVID-19 pandemic and will be prepared to find an alternative, if the situation will not allow for an in-person conference.