[Survey] Contribute to a mapping in 3 minutes: sustainable finance professionals, what is your job?

Finance for Tomorrow will soon publish a study on the sustainable finance job market in France, in partnership with the recruitment firm Birdeo. It aims to identify the level of integration of sustainable development issues into the activities of the financial sector as a whole. The objective is to assess labour market trends and propose recommendations for the development of these professions.

While the knowledge and skills of sustainable finance are fully integrated into the activities of the financial sector, they do not appear as such in the trade repositories. This leads to a lack of consideration and training, disconnected from the environmental and social strategies of the sector’s institutions. To overcome the difficulty of identification,we are developing a mapping of the sustainable finance market sectors, based on a survey sent directly to professionals.

The purpose of this mapping is to identify sustainable finance activities and the corresponding jobs, inform those involved in training about the needs for knowledge and skills, and build a coherent vision of the integration of sustainable finance issues into the business lines of the sector as a whole.

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  • Each answer is individual;
  • The survey takes 3 minutes and is anonymous;
  • It constitutes a proof of concept for a first version of the cartography which will be regularly updated;
  • The results will be made public during a webinar on Thursday 9 Julydedicated to the publication of the study on sustainable finance professions.


1 – What is your professional title?

2 – Do you engage in activities related to sustainable finance?

3 – How much of your activity is devoted to directing financial flows towards the Sustainable Development Objectives?


4 – To which Sustainable Development Objectives do you contribute?

5 – With which stakeholders do you interact?

6 – What is your vision of education in sustainable finance?

We invite you to spread it as widely as possible around you! If you have any questions, please contact Finance for Tomorrow