Publication – Stakeholders in the Just Transition #1

As part of our Taskforce, and following our “Roadmap for a Just Transition”, we are glad to publish today the first issue of the paper series “Stakeholders in the Just Transition” which aims is to approach different key concepts in respect of the Just Transition.

Focusing on “workers”, the aim of this paper is three-fold:

  • To understand the role of the financial sector in promoting objectives in line with the Just Transition;
  • To assess the current approaches used by investors to take the dimension of workers into account;
  • To explore new avenues of work to better integrate this dimension into investment practices and strategies.

In a nutshell, this paper focuses on assessing the ways in which financial actors can better incorporate the dimension of workers into their strategies, on mitigating risks associated with the transition and on maximizing the opportunities it can bring out.

Three areas for action have been identified:

  • The integration of indicators linked to career management and social dialogue into investment and financing frameworks,
  • Continuous engagement with companies on themes related to social inclusion and employment,
  • The development of innovative Just Transition instruments across asset classes

Moreover, amid COP26 in November 2021, this paper calls to contributing to a fair and inclusive transition, by leveraging on the leadership and innovative capacity of the Paris Financial Center.

This first paper was written in partnership with the ORSE – the Observatoire de la responsabilité sociétale des entreprises, a multistakeholder organization which is seeking to accompany corporates. in their corporate social responsability strategies.

Every two months, we will publish a new issue of the series “Stakeholders in the Just Transition”. Stay connected !