Finance for Tomorrow supports the ReCOVery Initiative

Several companies, financial players and business associations are joining forces to launch reCOVery, a collaborative initiative seeking to restart the economy on a more sustainable, fairer and more resilient model. To this end, a web platform will be open for one month to feed and animate the debate and consolidate the proposals of economic actors.

Working together to rethink the post-crisis economy?

That is the main goal of the reCOVery initiative introduced by Mirova and Fabernovel with the support of companies, financial players and associations, with whom Finance for Tomorrow is proud to be associated. As of today, you will find on the online platform the contributions of the actors around 4 main topics :

  1. Sustainability of the progress and the positive changes generated by the containment.
  2. The reappropriation of value chains.
  3. Consider the revival by ecosystems and not by industrial sectors.
  4. Consolidation of societal utility and corporate commitment.

The platform will be animated throughout the week by thematic discussion threads, forums and “free” contributions as well as online debates. Register now for the first debate next Tuesday at 12.30 pm under the theme :

Emerging from Crisis – The New Reasonables