Finance for Tomorrow announces the composition of its new Board for the 2020-2022 period

Under its mandate for 2020-2022, the new Finance for Tomorrow Board will carry forward the momentum instilled by its Chairman Thierry Déau to increase the impact of sustainable finance, a topic at the forefront of the French and European political agenda. The six new members of the Board, elected from amongst the Finance for Tomorrow community, will join the four ex officio members and two co-opted members in accordance with the statutes of the institution.

Launched in June 2017, Finance for Tomorrow is celebrating three years of actively pursuing its purpose since its creation: to make green and sustainable finance the key driving force in the development of the Paris Financial Centre and to position Paris as a hub of reference on these issues. The rich experience of these first three years made it possible to develop the initiative and establish its place within Paris EUROPLACE, where it is now a branch. With an ever-growing community of +75 members and 7 observers, our collective action has enabled production of expertise and concrete work to facilitate the implementation of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal and the Paris Agreement, while continuing to demonstrate the ability of the Paris Financial Centre and our ecosystem to take action, in France and internationally, particularly via our flagship event, the Climate Finance Day, and the ‘Paris for Tomorrow Week’.

This renewal in the board of Finance for Tomorrow marks a new phase for the organisation under the leadership of its chairman, Thierry Déau, Founder and CEO of Meridiam, who was appointed in November 2019. The new Board is comprised of 14 members, of whom 6 are elected, 4 are ex-officio members and 2 are co-opted members who will continue to support the chairman. Board members will focus on the four strategic priorities of this presidency: ‘Europe: Impact of the Green Deal and Taxonomy’, ‘Just Transition’, ‘Finance for Development’ and ‘Measuring Impact’.

The initiative’s second elections proved a great success, as illustrated by the quality of the 13 applications received and active participation of its members. In its diversity, its level and its broad representation of stakeholders in the sector (Banking, Asset management, Insurance, Industry, extra-financial rating agencies and financial markets), the composition of the new Board of Finance for Tomorrow embodies the growing role of sustainable finance within the French financial sector, where it is now central to activities and strategic considerations.

“I would like to thank the outgoing members for the momentum they created following the launch of Finance for Tomorrow and to warmly congratulate the newly elected members. The current context calls for an ambitious recovery, which must be green and sustainable and driven by strong commitments from the financial sector in support of a low-carbon and inclusive economic model. This turnover will allow us to continue the work already started and will suffuse our Board with new energy.” said Thierry Déau, Chairman of Finance for Tomorrow.

“The current crisis proves environmental risk can also be materialized by an increase in worldwide epidemics. As the resilience of our economies and societies is tested on a global scale, transforming finance and the economy is more relevant than ever. This reflection process must be carried out collectively. This is the aim of the actions we intend to pursue with our members and our new Board.’’ added Anne-Claire Roux, Managing Director of Finance for Tomorrow.

Finance for Tomorrow is thus entering a new phase, in line with its initial objectives:

  1. To provide a platform of ongoing work and dialogue for private and public actors of the Paris Financial Centre, capable of fuelling and accelerating the market dynamics ;
  2. To develop the community of sustainability-committed actors within the Paris Financial Centre by organising events in France and abroad, including its flagship event, Climate Finance Day ;
  3. To serve as an international ambassador, contributing to the dissemination of French expertise worldwide, in particular via co-chairmanship of the FC4S – Financial Centers for Sustainability network, under the aegis of the UN Environment Programme.


The new Board begins its mandate for the 2020-2022 period. It comprises 14 members, including the Chair and Managing Director, the 6 elected members, 4 ex officio members and 2 co-opted members. The composition of the Finance for Tomorrow Board is now as follows:

  • Thierry Déau, Chairman of Finance for Tomorrow, Founder and CEO of Meridiam
  • Anne-Claire Roux, Managing Director of Finance for Tomorrow

Two members co-opted by the Board of Directors of Paris EUROPLACE

  • Jean-Jacques Barbéris, Vice-Chairman of Finance for Tomorrow, Head of Coverage, Institutional and Corporate Clients at Amundi, Member of the Amundi Executive Committee
  • Pierre Ducret, Special Advisor to the Chairman of Finance for Tomorrow, Comptroller General, Climate Advisor to the Caisse des Dépôts Group

Six members, elected from amongst six colleges representing the ecosystem of the Paris Financial Centre:

  • Insurers & Institutional Investors: Erick Decker, Chief Financial Officer, Southern Europe and Emerging Markets, Axa
  • Banks: Laurence Pessez-Hublot, Global Head of CSR, BNP Paribas
  • Asset Management Companies, Funds & Private Equity: René Kassis, Head of Private Debt, La Banque Postale AM
  • Businesses: Anne Chassagnette, Chief Sustainability Officer, ENGIE
  • Consultancy and Rating Agencies: Emilie Béral, Executive Director – Methods, innovation, Quality & Issuer Markets, Member of the Executive Committee, Vigeo Eiris
  • Others: Nicolas Rivard, Head of Advanced Data Services, Euronext

The Board also includes 4 ex officio members:

  • Banque de France, represented by Morgan Després, Deputy Director of Financial Stability
  • The French Ministry of the Economy and Finance, represented by Yann Pouëzat, Deputy Director, Corporate Finance and Financial Markets
  • The French Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition, represented by Pascal Dupuis, Head of Department at the Commissioner-General for Sustainable Development
  • Paris EUROPLACE, represented by Arnaud de Bresson, CEO