#F4TWebinar – Experts talk : Finance & Biodiversity

Finance & Biodiversity: investors in the post-2020 framework

As part of its #F4TWebinars, Finance for Tomorrow organized on May 28th an episode dedicated to the challenges of natural capital and biodiversity. At a time when the prospects for 2020 – the Super Year for Nature – are being disrupted, it is increasingly important to mobilize to support the ambition of developing the international framework for biodiversity. Given the environmental emergency and now facing the health crisis we are experiencing, it is necessary to develop concrete plans, aimed at a positive impact on natural capital, in order to mobilize the resources needed to protect the climate, land and biodiversity.

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As part of an open debate moderated by Gautier Quéru, Director of the LDN fund of Mirova and co-pilot of the “Natural Capital & Biodiversity” group of Finance for Tomorrow, the experts were able to present their vision of how to mobilize investors in the post-2020 framework for biodiversity.

For Odile Conchou (UN CBD), the main challenge is to make the most of the real impact of the CBD process on economic activities, but also to put it at the service of the needs of market players in order to promote their transformation strategies.

Edward Perry (OECD) highlighted the importance of better measurement of financial flows to drive this dynamic as well as the critical need to reduce negative subsidies for biodiversity. Clear and ambitious targets will be needed to create a real market signal.

To develop a positive economy for biodiversity, speakers called for a better understanding of the risks and dependencies linked to natural capital, and for the multiplication of partnerships between market players, to strengthen the structuring of projects and enable them to access sustainable financing.

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