Challenge Fintech for Tomorrow 2019 – Results

Build an inclusive low-carbon economy, limit global warming and stop biodiversity loss, are some of the objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement on Climate. On a global scale, the achievement of these objectives will require a massive shift of financial flows. In this perspective, how can technological innovation be used to finance the ecological and energy transition? Faced with the magnitude of the challenges, it is indeed essential to mobilize our capacity to innovate, to imagine new solutions, and to scale up.

This is the goal of the Challenge Fintech for Tomorrow: to mobilize start-ups and companies with innovative digital solutions in order to facilitate the financing of the transition and reduce the environmental impact of the financial sector
Finance for Tomorrow aims to reward solutions able to transform financial sector practices and reorient capital flows. With the support of ADEME, the state’s key operator for the ecological and energy transition, and EIT Climate-KIC, a major actor for climate innovation in Europe, the Challenge highlights promising French and international fintech projects and connect them with the actors of the French innovation ecosystem to support their development.

Discover the French and international projects selected by the Committee for this second edition of the Challenge!

2019 Laureates

  • Fintech for Tomorrow french laureate is Green Value

GreenValue.AI responds to the increasing cost and complexity of ESG data acquisition, by pooling the production of A.I. solutions for the collection, processing and analysis of extra-financial and alternative data, for the benefit of the stakeholders of the environmental and social transition.
The platform produces in free-access – ESG data, models for risk and scenario analysis, environmental and social impact measurement.

  • The international Fintech for Tomorrow laureate is Oko Insurance

OKO Finance creates and distributes crop insurance to smallholder farmers in emerging countries, to secure their income and give them access to financial tools.
With simple mobile technologies, accessible to anyone with a phone,
the solution automates claim verification, using satellite data and images.

  • The French special mentions laureates are Qlay – Housing for all and Keewe

QLAY’s platform enables housing access, social home ownership and positive rental investment via micro real estate, programmed in blockchain. QLAY’s primary market funds the assets and their renovation and its secondary market enables exchanges.
The platform offers affordable and renovated housing, openly available for a staircasing home-ownership. It aims to redefine housing as a social good and to promote the ecological transition of housing.

Keewe is the first currency conversion platform for companies that acts for the planet by integrating a carbon price into the world’s largest market: the Forex.
integrating a carbon price into the world’s largest market: the Forex.
This solution is based on one tool: an electronic platform available for clients to carry out their own foreign exchange transactions. This scoring defines the price at which the customer will buy his currencies. The more the customer is involved in the ecological transition, the less he has to pay.
The more the customer is involved in the ecological transition, the less he has to pay.