One Planet Summit for Biodiversity 2021 – Key Points

Organized in Paris this Monday 11th January, the 4th edition brought up to date the vital importance of uniting biodiversity preservation with the fight against global warming. This day carried new coalitions from governments but also private actors.

Commitments were made around 4 priorities :

  1. Protecting land and sea areas to put nature on the road to regeneration (« 30×30 » objective)

Enlargement of the Coalition of High Ambition for Nature and People – launched one year ago

  • Co-chaired by Costa Rica and France, and by the United Kingdom as Co-Chair for the Ocean
  • The Coalition aims to create the conditions for the adoption of an ambitious nature protection target by the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) at COP15: the 50 States that have joined the Coalition commit themselves to effectively protect and conserve 30% of the planet (land and oceans) by 2030 (“30×30” objective).
    France is committed to achieving this objective by 2022 through its Protected Areas Strategy (the 2021 Finance Act has provided for a €10m increase in the State budget for protected areas).
  • Creation of a working group with groups and NGOs representing indigenous peoples to determine indicators for the 30% target that provides guarantees to representatives of indigenous peoples and local communities.

Launch by Spain, France and the Principality of Monaco of the coalition for an “exemplary Mediterranean Sea in 2030” – 4 axes:

  • Enlargement of protected areas
  • Sustainable fishing
  • Fight against marine pollution
  • Sustainability of maritime transport

2. Promoting agro-ecology 

Reinforcement of the Great Green Wall initiative (project launched in 2007 to prevent the advance of the desert into the Sahel):

  • Implementation of the “Great Green Wall Accelerator” to catalyse the financial efforts of all donors: mobilise 14.3 billion dollars (11.8 million euros) by 2025.
  • Euro-African initiative “IAM Africa” (International Agroecological Movement for Africa) bringing together more than 100 public and private actors who commit, by 2030, to :
    — Restoring 100 million hectares of land in the Sahel
    — Create 10 million jobs
    — Capturing 250 Mt of CO2 by 2030
  • First contributors: GCF, World Bank, IFC, IFAD, GEF, EIB, AFD, FAO, UNCCD, EU Commission

France has announced the launch of a programme to plant 7,000km of agricultural hedges by 2022 (€50 million allocated as part of its recovery plan).

3. Mobilising funding for biodiversity

Within the framework of his Sustainable Markets Initiative, Prince Charles has called on companies to sign the “Terra Carta” charter, the basis of a recovery plan for 2030 that places nature, mankind and the planet at the heart of global value creation.

  • One of the actions provided for in the Charter was initiated at PAHO: the creation of the Natural Capital Investment Alliance.
    — Objective: to accelerate the development of natural capital as an investment theme, by mobilising $10bn across all asset classes by 2022
    — Founding partners: HSBC Pollination Climate Asset Management, Lombard Odier and Mirova

One Planet Summit has laid the foundations for a coalition for the convergence of climate and biodiversity funding, which aims to build more synergies between climate action and biosphere preservation (a principle supported by Canada, France, Norway and the United Kingdom).

France has indicated that at least 30% of its climate funding will include co-benefits for biodiversity (nature-based solutions) by 2030.

  • AFD is committed to reaching this target by 2025, with the aim of reaching 1 billion euros (i.e. double the financing allocated today).

One Planet Summit was the occasion to bring a political impulse to the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosure (TNFD). This initiative, launched by public and private actors, will elaborate a measurement framework in terms of biodiversity on risk, impact and profits of economic activities.

The Canadian government has announced that it will contribute up to C$55 million to Mirova’s Land Degradation Neutrality Fund. France has announced that it will also join the initiative.

Caisse des Dépôts has announced the adoption of its action plan for the preservation of biodiversity. In particular, it plans to ask the companies in which the Caisse is a shareholder about their biodiversity preservation strategy and to mobilise €3 billion over the period 2020-2024, via the Banque des Territoires, in favour of dedicated projects.

Boris Johnson announced that the United Kingdom will spend 3 billion pounds over 5 years to protect biodiversity.

4. Protecting tropical forests, species and human health

Pascal Canfin (President of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety) announced that the European Commission will present, in June 2021, the first European law to fight against imported deforestation.

Launch of the PREZODE programme (Prevention of the Emergence of Zoonotic Diseases) dedicated to the prevention of new pandemics originating from animal reservoirs based on the One Health approach (one health for biodiversité́, animals and humans).